10 Cool Aquarium Accessories for Decoration

A house becomes your home when you decorate it with your personal touch and puts your efforts to make it a different one. Same rule applies on the tanks in which fishes live which we call as aquarium. Once you brought any aquarium in your home you can decorate it in different styles and patterns with different ideas and accessories. Here we are presenting 10 cool aquarium accessories for decoration.

Combination of Blue & Pink Sponge bob which gives paradise effect: The proper color combination attracts everyone. Blue, pink pebbles will be kept inside the aquarium with a bridge. Inside the aquarium all things are bright which gives a happy feeling to the fish like she is in sea.

Forest made by Bam-Buddha: Green vegetations you can easily find in any tank but to make it a different and decorative one you can add one statue of Buddha which you can found easily in any fish store. You can also use bamboo sticks to give a forest like look as bamboo has the quality to remain in water.

Theme of beach to jungle: This theme can be made by using sand at one side and plants at another side. Variety of plants you can get in any fish store. This theme gives your fish a choice either to go in plants side or sand side.

Submarine made up of yellow color: This theme is really a distinct one as it gives the feeling of an island which is exotic. You just need to buy submarine accessories from fish shop.

Getaway for your vacations in eastern forests: In this you need to keep different types of living plants of different sizes. Some will be in top and some will be at bottom. It gives a fresh and exotic feeling. You can also decorate it with some rock structures with some ancient looking buildings miniature which gives a soothing feeling.

Theme of super macro park: This idea is for those who love to play games like Mario or Goombas. All the accessories you can easily get to prepare this theme.

Floating Rocks seems as planets: In this theme you need to hang the rocks from top of the aquarium. Sizes of all rock should be differing to each other. So go and buy different types of rocks to make a planet tank.

Aqua scaping: This decorative idea needs only those accessories which give a feeling that you are under deep sea level. It will be very pleasant for fishes. It requires sunken garden.

Cabin made by log: This is really very nice accessory as your fish can swim in and out through this log. You can find it online or in stores very easily and at a affordable price.  Home for fish which is very small: After completing your daily routine task you want to come your home in the same way once your fish has swimmed and finished her eating she also wants to come her home. Fish home can be made from anything and are available in stores in lot of variety.

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