10 Essential Cat Travel Accessories

We love our cats a lot but the fact is that they do not serve to be the best companions for travel. There are high chances that your cat will meow in fear all throughout the ride and can irritate you in many ways. Even after so many travel problems, there are some cat owners who cannot leave their pet alone while they are out on a vacation. In this case, there are certain essential cat accessories that you need to assemble to enjoy a trouble free journey. Here is the list of online cat accessories for traveling that are must have to make the journey easier.

Clean health bill:

In 10 days of leaving, you must visit the office of vet for check-up so as to ensure the fact that the pet can travel and is healthy enough for the journey.  You must have signed vaccination status and health certificate to carry in the journey. This paperwork is required in case you are roaming by air, crossing lines of state or parting the country.


It is important to have proper identification beforehand in case the cat runs away in the strange city. You can get a safe cat collar attached with ID tags on which you can write the address, name and phone number. Write same information on pet carrier along with your contact number.

Home comforts:

You can carry things like your cat’s favorite blanket, kitty bed, stuffed toys etc. so that you can offer the home like comfort to your pet while travelling.

First-Aid kit:

This is another important thing of cat accessories. For keeping your cat calm and healthy, you need to bring the important medicines and carry them with you.

Treats and toys:

Finding some favorite toys will keep your cat occupied while offering home like experience so that you can go outside to enjoy sun worshipping.

Makeshift litter box:

Cat accessories that you assemble before the vacation should also include the bathroom facilities for the cat. You can get a disposable version in cardboard in place of litter box to serve the similar purpose.


This is something really essential that you must carry. All through the trip, your cat needs to take regular sips so make sure to carry enough quantity.

Serving and storage containers:

While looking the online cat accessories for traveling, do not forget to storage container for your cat in which all the desired items could be carried. It serves the same purpose for your cat as your suitcase does for you in the trip. Get as much small supplies as possible to avoid the stuff take too much of space.


Do not think of changing the diet of your cat at the vacation or it might result in digestive issues. Therefore at the time of travelling as well, follow the schedule of home feeding for your cat.

Car Carrier: Cats do not sit still in the car and therefore it is important to carry them in cat carrier. Soft sided carriers will help you and your cat to feel secure.

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