5 Ideas For Homemade Parrot Toys

Pets love to play and enjoy with toys and it’s a responsibility of pet owners to keep their pets happy. And because of this reason many times bird owners find it difficult to find appropriate toys for their cute and little pets. Bird owners also have an option to go for great and creative bird toys online. If your bird is naughty enough and quickly destroys the toys then it’s good to buy good quality toys that last for seasons. Below we discussed some easy homemade methods for making bird or parrot toys at home. If you look outside in the market for these bird toys then it cost you very high but by our some tricks and methods you can easily make bird toys at home. 

Wooden Spools

With these wooden spools you can make multiple playthings for your pet, according to different sizes and shapes.Tanned vegetable leather can also be used for hanging bars of cage of your pets’. Your bird will enjoy by playing with spools, as these spools are used as a foot toy by some owners. So, that whenever birds come out of the cage can easily play with these spools.

Poker Chips

Birds or parrots love to play with ball. So it’s a great idea to design a playing ball with poker chips of plastic from which birds can play easily. It does totally depend on your birds that how they love to play with this ball, basically using it as a foot toy is best playing option. Birds enjoy a lot while playing with balls like they roll it on the ground, chew it and many times throw it in the air. Do supervise your birds while they play with these poker sticks, although poker sticks are light in weight and are safer to play.


With its use you can easily make safe and great homemade parrot toys. Parrots love the fabulous and superb playthings of paper but some owners think that toys of paper are a dull choice and they like creative bird toys online. By using simple plain paper you can easily make toys for birds like you can make a ball with it by just crumpling the paper or you can also cut or design various shapes with paper. For making your creation unique and exciting you have an option to dye the paper.

Popsicle Sticks

Many birds love to play with popsicle stick by chewing it. For the purpose of exercise,popsicle sticks are best because by chewing it jaw and beak muscles of your bird get strong. Before giving any popsicle sticks to your birds make sure that these sticks are cleaned properly and having no broken ends.  These sticks are inexpensive and are best for homemade parrot toys.

Molted Feathers Molted features are best and superb thing that come for free along with your bird. You can also make some enjoyable or playful items by using molted features. Simple thing that you need do is just to collect some molted feathers of your birds then bind them together with some cotton twin and hang this beautiful creativity to your bird’s cage.

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