A Complete Guide To Taking Your Dog For Travel

Planning for vacations but still in dilemma how to plan with your dog, you neither want to go without your pet nor an idea how to take him! Don’t worry about it anymore in this article we are giving you a complete guide which will help you in planning your vacations with your loving pet without any hassle and make it a memorable one.

The most important thing you must consider before planning any outing that you should fix an appointment with dog vet and discuss all your plans regarding your travel. If your dog is travelling for first time then it is very important to check he may not have issues related to travelling like motion sickness, nausea, respiration problem etc.

Travel Trips with Your Pets like dog and cat:

Points to be taken care before the travel begin:

Pack dog food properly and take ample of water with you.

Take bowls and other utensils.

If your pet is taking any medicine then pack it and first aid box.

Spend quality time with your dog and cat.

Points to be taken care during trip:

Take care of dog properly. Don’t leave him anywhere.

Try to take breaks if journey is very long.

Make it sure your dog feels comfort while travelling through any sort of transport.

Travel Accessories for Dogs and Cats:

There are many accessories which you must take with you while you are travelling with your lovely pets as it may help you a lot. Some of them are

Carrier: It is the most important one accessory which you must carry as it helps in all sorts of transport medium. Carrier can be place under aircraft seat in case you are going through airplane or can be used with seat belt to provide proper security to your pet in any emergency. Later on it can be used as dog’s bedding.

 Collapsible Bowls: These bowls are very helpful as you can easily hang them anywhere to get dry. They have one carabiner clip with them and easily collapse. In these bowls you can mark the quantity of food you want to give your pet permanently so carrying measuring cup is not required.

Mess Kit: Wipes, Towel, Pee Pad, and Cleaner: It will help you to easily clean your dog anywhere.

ID Tags: It is very important to hang ID tags as in case they miss others can easily contact you. Include important details of yours with email-id.

Bully Stick: It is an important accessory as in case you are busy somewhere your dog can chew it without disturbing you. These sticks are easily available in pet shops.

Vaccination Papers and other medical papers: Sometimes your pet may get ill so carrying all medical papers will help you on travel and always carry the number of your pet veteran.

I hope this article will help you in making your travel very easy and fun for you and your pet.

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