Benefits of Bird Toys for Parrots

Most pets enjoy playing with toys to some level and it’s no different with your pet parrot. Toys aren’t just a form of entertainment for parrots though, they provide many stimulants that birds would have access to in the wild but not in captivity. They help to educate, encourage exercise, keep their beak busy, and fulfill the natural instincts of the bird. Toys play an important role in keeping your parrot healthy and happy.

Parrots in captivity don’t have the opportunities to the things they would have in nature and playtime is very important to the physical and mental health of birds. Without some sort of entertainment, parrots can become bored and lethargic which can result in behavioral problems. Some birds will become depressed and pick out their feathers, become destructive or scream excessively.

Playing with toys is a great substitute for birds natural behavior and will ensure that your pet will be mentally and physically happy. Below, we will highlight the benefits of bird toys for parrots.

– Younger parrots use toys as a learning tool. They help the bird to identify colors, shapes, and textures. Toys also promote the development of dexterity and coordination. Using many different toys of different sizes, shapes, and colors will help young birds grow up to be more confident adults.

– Toys promote physical activity. Being able to release energy through exercise can provide an outlet of the natural aggression in parrots. This can help the bird stay calm when being handled being that they have expended their aggression on their toys and not their owners.

– Bird toys help the development of self-independence and better mental stability. Parrots that are provided with a variety of toys can help lessen negative behaviors like:

-Excessive screaming or squawking for attention

-Destruction of household items

-Feather picking

-The fear of unknown people or objects

 -Aggression towards other pets or humans

– Toys give birds “off perch” time. Parrots with many different types of toys benefit from being off their perch which gives them more exercise to be more physically healthy to live a longer life. Birds that have the opportunity to climb, swing, and chew will increase their activity and provide beak and nail conditioning too. Being off of their perch gives the bird time to flex its wings and can aid in better foot health.

– Bird toys keep their beaks healthy. Parrots have the natural instinct to want to rip, shred and tear with their beaks. Having toys that the bird can chew or rip helps keep their beak filed down to avoid overgrowth that can affect the birds eating.

As mentioned above, toys are a vital resource in keeping your parrot happy and healthy. Having many different kinds of toys to challenge your bird and mimic their natural behaviors is an important factor in their overall well being. Make sure to choose appropriate toys for your bird according to their size and personality as you don’t want anything that could potentially harm your bird or cause any other problems.

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