Best Creative Aquarium Decorations

Whenever you think about aquarium the first thing which comes in your mind is colorful fishes and aquatic vegetation. Aquarium is used as a decorative item in almost all places whether it is homes, offices, schools, restaurants, etc as they give peaceful feeling. Your aquarium should be distinct and unique one which cannot be finding anywhere. You can make it unique by decorating your aquarium yourself. Generally whenever you think of decorating your aquarium some common things come in your mind like pebbles, rocks, aqua life, colorful stones etc. In this blog we will suggest some different aquarium decorations ideas which will make your tank a beautiful and unique one and some aquarium décor items which are easily available online.

Combination of gravels and shells to give ocean feeling: You can buy different size of shells and gravels easily online. They are very good décor items for your aquarium. You need to put colorful gravels especially of blue color to give ocean feeling at the bottom of your aquarium and then on gravels you can use some live plants which are available online. Shells of different sizes and design should be placed in the aquarium just like you find near ocean. Remember one thing size of shells should be large as it helps in creating mermaid water kingdom theme. Seashells come in beautiful bright colors like blue, orange, red, pink etc.

Combination of different themes like beach to jungle: Just think how much your fish will enjoy by going on sand at one side and then in between plants. You can decorate your aquarium by making a beach look at one corner of the aquarium and keeping variety of plants on another side of aquarium. Beach look can be given by keeping sand at one end and plants on another side. You can get variety of plants online easily which is especially for aquarium.

Using plastic sunken ship: In this theme you need to buy any plastic sunken ship and some plants which are easily available online. This theme will give the idea that under sea ship has sunk and lots of fishes are swimming around it. You can keep some rocks which looks very old to give a real image of undersea life with colorful plastic small plants. Old age looking rocks pieces are available under aquarium décor items online.

By writing some messages on colorful bottles: It’s a very unique and interesting idea. In this you need to write some messages in different floating bottles and some other décor items you can add. Remember one thing you need to make your bottle heavy so that it always float in up. You can make it heavy by adding some colorful stones and marbles in it. Weight of bottles should be different.

By placing Buddha statue in gallons of water: This idea is very unique one as Buddha image will add a different décor in your aquarium. Fishes are swimming across it. With this you can keep many bamboo sticks of different sizes to give jungle look. The bamboo stick sails in water.

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