Getting a Cat Step by Step Guide

Are you wondering whether to get a cat as a pet? Then now is a good time to get yourself equipped with the right information you need before getting one because the last thing you will want to do is to get a cat as a pet when you don’t have the required knowledge. In this article, I will share with you a step by step guide on how to choose a cat, how to take care of a cat and other health issues concerning the welfare of your cat.

How to Choose a Cat?

Once you’ve made the decision to get a cat, walk into any pet store or pet adoption center of your choice.

Once you get there, talk to the staff or any behavior counselor that works at the store or adoption center. This is because they usually know the behavior of the cat you want to adopt than you might experience during your short time of visit. Also, they might be able to direct you to the cat that might be the right match to you.

Many shelters use the meet your match program. This is a matchmaking program where the adopter fills out a survey indicating the kind of cat and type behavior of a cat they might like. Since all the cats in the shelter have been behaviorally evaluated, the adoption center staff uses that information to find the right cat match for the adopter. Make sure you do not choose a cat based on looks.

How Do You Take Care of Your New Cat?

Bringing a new cat or kitten home might require some advance planning, this is because the natural curiosity of your cat will get it into everything. But with these tips I will share with you, you should be able to take good care of your cat pet once you choose it from the adoption shelter.

Start by cleaning your home and cat proofing your home as you would for a new baby. This has to do with removing flower and house plants inside your home that might be toxic to cats.

Also, use child safety locks at areas where you keep your cleaning supplies and do not forget to secure electrical cords and also keep dangling cords away from the cat’s reach.

Secure your window screens and use safety plugs and outlets to prevent electric shock.

When done, get your playful cat an assortment of playful toys, a scratching pole, and a cat bed.

Some supplies you might also want to have in advance include a cat carrier, a bristle brush for grooming, a cat toothbrush, toothpaste and flea, and tick prevention.

Feed your cat with food he has been eating so he doesn’t get an upset stomach. When feeding the cat, feed the food in a ceramic or a stainless steel bowl.

If you have any plans of switching foods later, make sure to transition slowly over the period of 8 to 11 days.

Also, get a litter box, scoop, litter mat, litter disposal system and a litter.

If you want to get more than one cat, the rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one. Make sure to place the litter box at different locations.

Place your cat in a single room where you have the playful toys and give the cat time to adjust to the environment, the people and other pets. This might take two to three weeks for the cat to feel at home.

Make sure to introduce other pets to your cat slowly.

Health Issue:

During the first week of having your new cat, make sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss vaccinations and proper nutrition. Also, when you notice any changes in the cat, make sure to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian to discuss the changes. Do not forget to ask for care tips for your cat too. With these tips, getting cats as pets shouldn’t be a challenge for you and before you know it, your new cat should feel right at home.

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