Hamsters as Pets

Hamsters are wonderful pets. Sometimes they are known as a luxury hamster. Some pet stores may call these animals with different names, such as teddy bears depending on the color.

Appearance of hamsters

The subfamily of this animal includes 25 species. These animals have a tail shorter than the length of the body and have a robust collection. Also, hamsters have small but hairy ears and wide but stout legs. One thing to keep in mind is that the hamster’s immune system works reasonably well, so humans can easily infect it. It is recommended to play with them with clean hands. They feel happiness and disgust in less time. They use body language to convey their messages.

Patterns of behavior of hamsters

Hamsters are small creatures and do not emit annoying sounds like other animals. They like to play on the hamster wheels and use this toy to keep them occupied and run all day long. In this way, he provides them with enough exercise for the day. They can travel more than 8 miles in search of food. If you train them carefully, they will instantly react to their names when they call them.

Skills and disadvantages of hamsters

These animals suffer from color blindness. They are very capable of listening to sounds in the form of a range of ultrasounds. They can also dig the soil in the wild up to 3 meters. They have a vision of 6 inches. Beyond that, you can not see. In a single burrow made by hamsters, they can store up to 38 pounds of grain.


Hamsters as pets are naturally clean creatures, but you must always clean the cage once a week. To do this, the hamster must be removed from the enclosure, which is an excellent opportunity to play in a hamster ball. Discard all old bedding items and replace them with new materials. Use a mild disinfectant as any strong odor left by your cleaning will hinder your hamster and make sure the cage is completely dry before replacing the new litter material in pen.

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