How to Clean a Fish Tank in Five Easy Steps

Fish tanks suffer from waste coming from fish and the algae growth and this is the reason why it needs lot of cleaning. The green algae often get accumulated on tank glass and it is unsafe for the fish. It is therefore important to keep the tank clean for the health of fish. In addition to this, in case there are some aquarium accessories like décor plants for aquarium then these too must be cleaned frequently. Here is the useful information on how to clean a fish tank in five easy steps.

1st step: Collect all the essential materials and remove decorative pieces from tank:

Following are the items you need to clean fish tank and the aquarium accessories:

  • Tooth brush
  • Paper towels
  • Cup
  • Water conditioner
  • Fish net
  • Dechlorinated water
  • Large bucket
  • Tap water dechlorinator

All these items must be collected before cleaning the tank. Do not have any soap on hands and make sure they are clean as it is not safe for fish. Remove the electrical connections to avoid accident. After this, remove the aquarium accessories such as filters, bubblers, décor plants for aquarium etc.

2nd step: Take out fish from water, remove some tank water and conserve

Take a new container and scoop water in it from the tank using cup. After getting enough water in container, transfer the fish in it using fish net. Make sure that the fish are comfortable in container in which you have transferred them. Also, save atleast half of the water of tank in large container and save it. Keep this water free from any addition since it will be reused. This is important since fish needs some bacteria for survival and this required level of bacteria is helped with reused water.

3rd step: Clean the rocks, tank and aquarium accessories

Make use of paper towel for cleaning tank from inside and wiping it. This will help in algae removal. Avoid using any chemicals or soaps for cleaning as this is unsafe for the fish. For cleaning the pebbles, fill atleast an inch of water in tank, move it to and fro so that the debris is lifted. Pour the water out once the debris visible. For the purpose of cleaning the aquarium accessories, make use of tooth brush. This will help scrub out the algae from décor plants for aquarium so that they are clean and free from algae.

4th step: Fill water in tank:

Take the reserved tank water and pour it to the tank again. After this, take dechlorinated water and fill the tank. After pouring water, take tap water dechlorinator and add two drops of it to the tank. After adding the water, add the tank again with bubbler, décor plants for aquarium, filter and aquarium accessories. Wait for water adjustment for about 30-60 minutes.

5th step: Add fish to tank: Transfer fish from small tank back to the aquarium and complete the process carefully. At the time of transferring the fish, do not touch it.

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