Improving Your Hamster’s Quality of Life with Toys

It’s in every pet owner’s interest to keep their companion’s health in top shape. This is achieved by regular physical activity to keep them fit. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself unable to keep up with this schedule and resort to skipping it. Toys provide a great way to keep your pet occupied and happy while they are engaging in their daily exercise.

Pet hamsters spend a lot of time in a cage. Without different types of toys, they can quickly become bored and get fat from overeating. In the most extreme cases, they might even start chewing their own hair and skin. Think of them as a kid, that needs his daily dose of exercise and playtime. Toys are a perfect bonding tool and a gift for good behavior.

Advantages Of Using Toys

A Stress Reducer

A quality chew toy can keep your hamster occupied and prevent him from causing damage to restricted items, such as a power cable or even a piece of your own food. Hamster’s teeth grow constantly throughout their lives and this can make their gums sore and itchy. Wooden toys are perfect as they aid in stimulating their teeth and making them age properly. It will keep your hamster happy and stress free, since they know that they always have something to chew on.

Source of Exploration

Plastic tunnels and tubes make for a great source of entertainment to satisfy your hamster’s adventurous nature. These toys will keep them busy for extended periods of time, since they are going to explore every nook and cranny. Making these tunnels more complex with attachable and personalized parts is going to provide hours of fun and excitement to your pet. For a bigger area, houses and play pens are awesome for a nice change of scenery for your hamster. It gives them their own little world to explore and play in, with an ability to climb around on different huts, blocks and houses.

The Fat Burner

Run-about plastic balls and exercise wheels give hamsters a place to run to their hearts’ content. With plastic run-abouts, you don’t have to worry about your pet running away from you. They are a perfect exercise tool that requires almost no interaction from the owner.

The hamster is placed inside a ventilated ball in which they can run and get more than enough of their exercise. These plastic balls are spacious with smooth sides to provide an injury-proof workout. Since hamsters mostly like to run at night, the run-abouts are noise-free as to not disturb your sleep.

Wheels are a great, safe alternative since the hamster can use it as he pleases. Along with the physical benefits, wheels help with mental stimulation to keep all the aspects balanced.

The secret to keeping your hamster happy and healthy is a busy, exercise filled lifestyle. To keep him from getting bored, rotate his toys regularly and provide alternatives to the already existing ones. Even though they may not look intimidating, you’re going to have your hands full unless you’re equipped with a large batch of different toys.

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February 16, 2020

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