Keeping Your Cat/Dog Safe Outside

It is very important that when you take your Cat/Dog pet outside they should remain safe. In this blog we will discuss some tips and safety products which might help you and make your outing happening one and tension free.

Some of them are

Your dog should always wear a collar: Collar helps you in putting your personal information like name, mobile no or address. In case if your dog/cat is lost people can easily contact you. This collar makes an identity of your pet that he is not homeless.

Don’t keep your pets in heat: Some breeds of dogs are very sensitive towards heat and their body temperature cannot tolerate it. Due to this some serious issues can be raise so ensure that your pet get proper shade if they are out. Some sun blocks for cat/dog are available in market which you can use.

Install chip in your pet body: Sometimes technology helps you very much at a very little cost. If your pet is chipped it will help in identifying them in case they get lost or theft. Through this location you can identify the location of the dog and even you can store your personal details in the chip.

Don’t leave cat or dog in Car: Sometimes in hurry people left their pets in the car which results in serious problem. Try to carry your pets with you only as you don’t know how much time you will take in completing your work.

Carry a leash: It is always advisable to carry a leash with you when you are out with your dog. Leash helps you in guiding the path on the road or somewhere else to your dog.

Be cautious near Water bodies: Never carry your dogs and cats near water. It a big no for them. Some breeds of dogs like retrievers are good swimmers still don’t take them in water as you never know what can happen. If depth of water is normal and it is still water then you can take them with you but for a shorter period of time.

Train your pets so that they can recall: Always train your pets with your voice and make them learn some commands so that in case of emergency you can control them.

Try to keep them away from fleas: Fleas can cause serious problem to your pets so try to avoid fleas and always carry bugs with you.

Carry proper food for your dog: When you are outside for a longer period carry proper food and water for your pet as pet food is not available easily. Giving inappropriate diet can cause serious health issues. You know what your pet always more so carry that food which dog or cat can easily chew. If in garden take care of your pet from poisonous plants: If you are in any garden or jungle please check species of all flora as sometimes some plants can be poisonous for your pets. Especially lily plant and azaleas are very dangerous for pets so keep dogs away from such plants.

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